Automatic Washer and Sterilizer for bottle
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Automatic Washer and Sterilizer

SteampyTM is an automatic washer and sterilizer for bottles, teats and clamps of baby bottles. It has a digital panel which makes it easy to use product with just one click. It has its own water reservoir which makes it free from complicated plumbing connections. It is suitable for bottles made from plastic or glass. Four minutes of working cycle makes this device time and energy efficient. SteampyTM is the only product for washing and cleansing bottles present in the market currently, making it a unique entity.

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Key Features

SteampyTM, A unique automatic washer and sterilizer for bottles, teats and clamps. You just press 1 to start its operation and it will complete whole cycle of cleansing and sterilizing automatically. It will take only 4 minutes and notify you with beep when cycle completes. In short you are free till it works.

Our product is a big invention in the category of baby care products which helps you to spend more time with your infants and toddlers. This is the first technology solution for every parent by keeping their baby health and saving time simultaneously. With our product, you can save energy, power, water and time consumed in cleaning & sterilization of bottles.

  • Ultra fast, ease of use and floor space savings
  • Wash & sterilizes two set of bottles in single device
  • Natural steam sterilization kills 99.9% of harmful germs
  • BPA Free
  • 2 in 1 operation means washing and sterilizing in single device
  • Has its own water reservoir, so no complicated plumbing connections required
  • Low time, energy and water usage
  • No soap is required. It uses simple tap water to Wash and Sterilize.
Our Story

In starting days of baby birth, you have to do lot of work. It is very crucial to save infants from outer infections as Immunity system of a new born baby is very poor. Babies are not able to produce antibodies till six months from their birth. Babies below one year need extra care. It becomes very hard for working Parents to manage time to provide proper care to their infants. Bottle infection is a very serious topic among parents of new born babies. Mostly parents follow old techniques to wash and clean bottles with their hands. Sometimes because of time shortage, we are not able to properly clean babies’ bottles. And when this work comes on men’s shoulder, they get irritated sometimes and just because of compulsion they have to do this process by their hands. All parents are looking for some easiest way to clean babies’ bottles.

This is what happened with me, when my wife gave birth to my little princess. I had to clean and sterilize bottles for around three times a day at least. So, I searched for a product in market and on internet to clean and wash baby bottles and found nothing. This total cycle consumes 2-3 hours per day and this is the time which I can spend with my princess and see her sweet activities which changed day by day. Then I decided to invent automatic bottle washer. I started designing graphics for this product. I have skills to develop product as I am an engineer. When I shared my idea, everyone supported me and inspired me to go ahead. I have given a name “SteampyTM” to this invention as it uses principle of steam sterilization.

Parents talk about STEAMPY

But to give life to this project, I am in need of capital investment so I can avail this product in market at low prices with mass production. That’s why I have planned to run a campaign of SteampyTM on INDIEGOGO. INDIEGOGO is helping me to make dream of every parent or care taker come true

Product Details

SteampyTM is the device operated at power 110-220 volts. It has Sprinklers with spray angle varies from 45-125 degrees which ensures proper cleansing of every section. Sprinklers made from mixture of Stainless Steel and Brass which ensures long life and durability. If there is any need to replace sprinklers and filter then it has option to replace them. Sprinkler's holes are made with Laser cut and CNC crafting that prepares proper angles to reach all places of bottles and pacifiers. Temperature range for water varied from 60 Degree Celsius to 140 degree Celsius to provide proper cleaning and sterilization. Steam generated from boiling water is pure steam with no air bubbles which impede the extensive deactivation of micro-organisms. It has electric front and upper covers which remains locked for 3 minutes after full cycle to provide safety from high pressure and heat.

SteampyTM has high power special jet sprinklers that reach at every corner of bottles and pacifiers to give perfect cleansing. Pumps are used to provide high power of water for sprinklers for spraying clear water to clean bottles, teats and clamps. Custom made boilers are used for steam and heating water for fast cycles.
SteampyTM with dimension 30X35X40cm make it easy to fit on kitchen counter. It weighs 14 kg which makes it convenient to move. Don’t have need to use soap/detergent that may stick to bottles after washing can cause all kind of problems related to soap or detergents of dishwashers.

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Special Features
All in one appliance

No other appliances are needed to manage the bottles of infants or toddlers if you have Steampy at your home.

Quick cycle

Steampy has a fast, 4 minutes washing and sterilizing cycle. Save your time with this product.

Holds 2 bottles

Steampy has enough space for 2 bottles and teats.

Water requirement

Steampy has its own water reservoir, so no complicated plumbing connections required.

Fits on kitchen counter

Steampy has compact size of 30x35x40 cm,in dimensions, So easily fits on kitchen counter.

Hygienic Product

Steampy meet's the health institutions in the world recommendations for sterilization and cleaning baby bottles, teats and pacifiers.

Soap Free

For steampy, there is no need to use soapy water/detergent to wash bottles, Teats and Clamps. You just put feeding equipments in Steampy, Water at 60 degree Celsius used to wash it with laser cut sprinklers with angles varied from 45 to 125 degree which ensures proper cleansing and water at 140 degree Celsius used to sterilize feeding equipments.

Inbuilt water filter

Hard water is not assuring us with proper cleansing as it got stick on bottles. Areas where Water supplies are not reliably clean, then this filter is best to provide clean water.

Changeable water filter and sprinklers

Steampy has replaceable water filter and sprinklers which makes this device suitable for long time usage.

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